2022-02-28 Laurent Pincharttests: Add SPDX headers to master
2022-02-28 Kieran Binghamscripts/logger: Use new monotonic-ts tool
2022-02-28 Kieran Binghamsrc: monotonic-ts: Monotonic timestamp logging
2022-02-28 Kieran Binghamgen-lut: Update for python3
2020-09-16 Kieran Binghamtests: Provide {un,}bind testing
2020-07-14 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Replace copyright text with SPDX tags
2020-07-14 Laurent PinchartAdd license and copyright information
2019-02-23 Laurent PinchartRemove dependency on a particular yavta branch
2019-02-19 Kieran Binghamtests: Provide copy test to validate 1xN streams
2019-02-19 Kieran Binghamtests: Add pseudo platform test
2019-02-19 Kieran Binghamvsp-lib: Reset controls to defaults on each test run
2019-02-19 Kieran Binghamvsp-lib: trivial: Fix spelling of Reference
2018-05-21 Laurent Pincharttests: suspend/resume: Increase number of processed...
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Capture the kernel log messages in test log...
2017-08-30 Laurent Pincharttests: Add BRS test
2017-08-30 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add support for RPF-BRS-WPF pipelines
2017-08-30 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Use the correct media device name to count...
2017-08-24 Kieran BinghamREADME: Document need for killall command
2017-08-24 Kieran Binghamtests: Use POSIX '.' as 'source'
2017-04-26 Laurent Pincharttests: Don't perform HSV capture test on Gen3 hardware
2017-03-03 Niklas Söderlundtests: Add HGT test
2017-03-03 Niklas Söderlundvsp-lib: Add option to specify histogram type
2017-03-03 Niklas Söderlundgen-image: Add generation of HGT reference frame
2017-03-03 Niklas Söderlundgen-image: Add option to specify histogram type
2017-03-03 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Fix typo in comment
2017-02-22 Kieran Binghamscripts: Fix POSIX shell compliance
2017-02-14 Laurent PinchartREADME: List the stress tool as an optional dependency
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamtests: Add extended stress testing
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamtests: Add basic stress testing
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamtests: Test suspend/resume on active pipelines
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamtests: Test suspend/resume on idle pipelines
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamlogger: Log to the FTrace buffer if tracing is enabled
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartscripts: bin2png: Support conversion of all files in...
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamscripts: Provide helper
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartscripts: Add statistics to test suite runner
2017-02-13 Kieran Binghamscripts: Test suite runner
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add sru-uds and uds-sru pipelines
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add pipeline description to the frame file...
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Initialize __vsp_wpf_index to default value...
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Fix reference frame generation for HSV input...
2017-02-12 Kieran Binghamtests: Add RPF cropping test
2017-02-12 Kieran Binghamvsp-lib: Support RPF frame cropping
2017-02-12 Kieran Binghamgen-image: Implement option to parse an input crop
2017-02-12 Kieran Binghamvsp-lib: Filter non-filesystem regular characters
2017-02-10 Kieran Binghamvsp-lib: sort output frames correctly
2016-10-24 Laurent Pincharttests: Add YVU 3-planar formats in RGB and WPF tests
2016-09-15 Laurent Pincharttests: Add HSV capture and conversion test
2016-09-15 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add support for RPF-HST-WPF pipeline
2016-09-15 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Add conversion from RGB to HSV support
2016-09-15 Laurent Pincharttests: Skip VYUY tests on Gen3 platforms
2016-09-14 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Print a message when a test can't be run
2016-09-14 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Fix fuzzy comparison
2016-09-13 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: SRU and rotation are not perfectly emulated...
2016-09-13 Laurent Pincharttests: Add flipping/rotation test with UDS
2016-09-13 Kieran Binghamtests: Provide SRU unit test
2016-09-13 Laurent Pincharttests: Make local variables local
2016-09-13 Laurent Pincharttests: Test identity scaling in UDS test
2016-09-12 Laurent Pincharttests: Add RPF unpacking tests in RGB and YUV
2016-09-12 Laurent Pincharttests: Lower flip test resolution
2016-09-12 Laurent Pincharttests: Don't convert formats in flip tests
2016-09-12 Laurent Pincharttests: Reset the rotation control before running the...
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add option to keep all frames when tests succeed
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Don't average chroma when generating test...
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Use the gen-image -i argument
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Fix alpha value handling
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Use both input and output formats to name...
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Subsample YUV chroma on input
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Add -C argument to disable chroma averaging...
2016-09-12 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Add input format configuration
2016-09-06 Niklas SöderlundDo not use for loop in data/frames/Makefile
2016-09-06 Niklas SöderlundDon't try to install non-existent script file
2016-06-26 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Only remove binaries related to current test
2016-06-20 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Write frames to temporary directory by default
2016-06-20 Laurent Pincharttests: Add WPF flip update tests
2016-06-20 Laurent Pincharttests: Add WPF rotation and flip tests
2016-06-20 Laurent Pincharttests: Add CLU and LUT test
2016-06-20 Laurent PinchartAdd LUT generation script
2016-06-20 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add support for pausing and resuming yavta
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Replace vsp-runner script with a function...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add CLU and LUT pipelines support
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add support for passing parameters to referenc...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Store the scaling configuration internally
2016-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Perform scaling verification in fuzzy mode
2016-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Remove unneeded legacy pipeline configuration...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Use YUV444M instead of UYVY for YUV input formats
2016-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Add YUV422M and YUV444M support to YUV->YUV...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Split RPF->WPF test
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Store the number of BRU inputs internally
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Don't pass WPF index and format to comparison...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Handle logging internally
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Declare all local variables as local
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add set control support
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Support controls as device features
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Create a function to get subdev from entity...
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Support optional features for tests
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Add YUV422M and YUV444M support
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartvsp-lib: Use gen-image to generate frames at runtime
2016-06-19 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Add horizontal and vertical flip support
2016-06-17 Laurent Pinchartgen-image: Add look up table support
2016-06-16 Laurent PinchartAdd gen-image tool