2018-06-07 Tiwei Biecontent: support SR-IOV master
2018-05-23 Tiwei BieVIRTIO_F_IO_BARRIER: use I/O barriers in driver
2018-05-23 Jonathan Helmancontent: document hugetlb page allocation counts
2018-05-23 Michael S.... README: supply link to the authoritative source
2018-05-23 Christoffer... split-ring: Fix typo in used ring description
2018-04-25 Michael S.... Revert "VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA: extra data to devices"
2018-04-16 Michael S.... tex: enable build on systems without ellipsis.sty
2018-04-16 Michael S.... tex: drop unused todonotes
2018-03-27 Michael S.... VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA: extra data to devices
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: rephrase "an example driver code"
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: fix "the descriptor flags +field+ is updated"
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: fix plurals
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: fix capitalization of names
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: fix 'contigious' typo
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: add missing comma
2018-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczipacked-ring: add missing articles to sentences
2018-03-20 sameehjvirtio-net: Add missing flag define to struct
2018-03-20 Tomáš Golembiovskýcontent: document balloon memory statistics
2018-03-20 Changpeng Liuvirtio-blk: add discard and write zeroes features to...
2018-03-20 Michael S.... split-ring: in order feature
2018-03-20 Michael S.... packed-ring: add in order support
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: in-order buffer use
2018-03-20 Michael S.... packed virtqueues: more efficient virtqueue layout
2018-03-20 Michael S.... split-ring: typo: aligment
2018-03-20 Michael S.... split-ring: generalize text
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: generalize rest of text
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: generalize transport ring part naming
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: len -> used length, used ring -> vq
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: move virtqueue operation description
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: move ring text out to a separate file
2018-03-20 Michael S.... content: move 1.0 queue format out to a separate section
2018-03-20 Michael S.... introduction: document bitfield notation
2018-03-14 Michael S.... github:
2018-03-09 Paolo Bonzinivirtio-scsi: fix typos
2018-03-09 Michael S.... add hints for contributors
2017-12-12 Jean-Philippe... content: reserve virtio device ID for IOMMU
2017-09-11 Michael S.... net: relax buf size requirements for mrg buffers
2017-09-11 Michael S.... net: clarify device rules for mergeable buffers
2017-09-08 Cornelia Huckvirtio-net: fix virtqueue numbering error
2017-09-08 Cornelia Hucktitle, acknowledgements: update my affiliation
2017-09-08 Michael S.... Merge into...
2017-09-07 Robin Covertypo, case
2017-09-07 robincovercreate boilerplate LICENSE text
2017-09-07 robincoverCreate
2017-09-07 Robin Coverupdate README with noilerplate
2017-09-07 robincoverInitial commit
2017-01-10 mstsirkincontext: Document VIRTIO_F_IOMMU_PLATFORM reserved...
2016-10-11 mstsirkingit-svn: instructions for faster init
2016-10-11 mstsirkinvirtio-net: add Max MTU configuration field
2016-10-10 mstsirkincontent: Reserve virtio device ID for pstore
2016-10-10 mstsirkincontent: reserve virtio device ID for sdm
2016-10-10 mstsirkinvirtio: reserve device id for virtio crypto
2016-10-10 mstsirkinvsock: reserve device ID
2016-10-10 mstsirkinccw: add CCW_CMD_READ_STATUS
2016-07-22 mstsirkinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v1.0'
2016-07-22 mstsirkinREVISION: update for cs04
2016-02-16 mstsirkintitle: drop Rusty's email from chair/editor list
2016-02-16 mstsirkinacknowledgements: acknowledge review by Kevin Lo
2016-02-16 mstsirkinacknowledgements: update affiliation for Thomas Huth
2016-02-16 mstsirkinmakediff: suppress diff for chater names
2016-02-16 mstsirkincl: list changes since CSPRD05
2016-02-16 mstsirkinmakediff: cherry pick file name change
2016-02-16 mstsirkinfixupdiff: actually apply the DIFadd/DIFdel hack
2016-02-16 mstsirkinvirtio header: fix diff generation
2016-02-16 mstsirkinfixupdiff: update for latest perl
2016-02-16 mstsirkininit: sort status bits
2016-02-16 mstsirkinvirtio-ring.h -> virtio-queue.h
2016-02-16 mstsirkinRevert "headerfile rename virtio_ring to virtio queue"
2016-02-16 mstsirkinheaderfile: rename virtio_ring to virtio queue
2016-02-16 mstsirkinvirtio header: tweak change motivation
2016-02-16 mstsirkinvirtio-net: fix inconsistent legacy header size
2016-02-16 mstsirkinREVISION: update for csprd05
2016-02-16 mstsirkintitle: fix previous link to cs03
2015-10-21 mstsirkincl: document resolution for VIRTIO-146.
2015-10-21 mstsirkincl: document resolution for VIRTIO-145.
2015-10-21 mstsirkincl: document resolution for VIRTIO-144
2015-10-21 mstsirkinintro: add advice on transition from legacy interfaces
2015-10-21 mstsirkinpci: clarify configuration access capability rules
2015-10-21 mstsirkinvirtio-blk: restore VIRTIO_BLK_F_FLUSH and VIRTIO_BLK_F...
2015-10-21 mstsirkinRevert: makediff: cleanup using begingroup/endgroup
2015-10-11 mstsirkincl: list changes 540-542
2015-10-11 mstsirkincl: clear it out for cs03
2015-10-11 mstsirkinvirtio-blk: flush: Fix driver vs. device typo
2015-10-11 mstsirkinvirtio-blk: fix typo in legacy framing requirements...
2015-10-11 mstsirkinvirtqueues: fix trivial typo
2015-08-02 mstsirkinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v1.0'
2015-08-02 mstsirkinadmin: set date and revision for cs03
2015-05-21 mstsirkintitle: update previous version link
2015-05-21 mstsirkinfixupdiff: better diff for lstlisting
2015-05-21 more work-arounds for latexdiff
2015-05-21 mstsirkinmakediff: mark enumerate/itemize as floats
2015-05-21 mstsirkincontent: replace \\note with note environment
2015-05-21 mstsirkincl-os: VIRTIO-123, VIRTIO-124, VIRTIO-126, VIRTIO-143
2015-05-21 mstsirkinconformance: link in new conformance statements
2015-05-18 mstsirkinnetwork device: document VIRTIO_NET_F_CTRL_RX_EXTRA
2015-05-18 mstsirkinnetwork device: xmit/receive cleanup
2015-05-18 mstsirkinballoon: document deflate on oom
2015-05-18 mstsirkinballoon: transitional device support
2015-04-29 mstsirkincl: document VIRTIO-134, VIRTIO-140, VIRTIO-141, VIRTIO-142
2015-04-29 mstsirkinconformance: add missing links