AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-05utils: Add a dump_framebuffer() methodHEADmasterLaurent Pinchart
2021-09-05card: Add support for writeback connectorsLaurent Pinchart
2021-08-08meson: drop unused system-pybind11 optionTomi Valkeinen
2021-08-06meson: simplify pybind dependency handlingTomi Valkeinen
2021-07-26Merge pull request #63 from notro/gudTomi Valkeinen
2021-07-19py: Property: Add type, enums, values, and __repr__Noralf Trønnes
2021-07-19py: Card: Add .propertiesNoralf Trønnes
2021-07-19py: Framebuffer: Add flush and __repr__Noralf Trønnes
2021-07-19framebuffer: Support partial flushingNoralf Trønnes
2021-03-26Add so version numbers to librariesTomi Valkeinen
2021-01-14py: add fourcc_to_pixelformatTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-18meson: split "utils" option into libutils and utilsTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16Remove CMake supportTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16Remove pybind11 git submoduleTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16meson: add option to use system pybind11 or subprojectTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16Add meson subproject wrap for pybind 2.6.0Tomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16meson_options: add descriptions and reorganizeTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-16Use system libfmtTomi Valkeinen support legacy & non-legacy gammaTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-03crtc: add legacy gamma setTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-03atomicreq: throw on non-existing propertyTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-01Fix clang-tidy reported issuesTomi Valkeinen
2020-12-01Add .clang-tidyTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-20py: add -fvisibility=hiddenTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-20meson: fix build with thread supportTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-20meson: add 'util' option to disable kms++util and utilsTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09rename omap wb utils to omap-wbTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09Bulk format of all filesTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09Add .clang-format and format-all scriptTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09gitignore: add *.pycTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09dmabuffb: add constructor which takes in string fourccTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-09Merge pull request #59 from virusxp/gcc10_compabilityTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-08added #include <string> to card.h to follow gcc10 porting guideTobias Off
2020-10-03py: move framebuffer functions to correct placeTomi Valkeinen
2020-10-02Small Property improvementsTomi Valkeinen add static-libc optionTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-29Fix Plane::get_possible_crtcsTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-14Update README for meson buildTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-14Change travis to use mesonTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-14Add meson buildTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-14Rename esTransform.c to .cppTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-08Travis: add llvm-dev packages to add gold linkerTomi Valkeinen
2020-09-08Move to c++17Tomi Valkeinen
2020-09-05Update travis to ubuntu 20.04Tomi Valkeinen
2020-09-05Drop python2Tomi Valkeinen
2020-09-05kmscapture: remove unneeded xf86drm.h includeTomi Valkeinen
2020-08-10kms++: Add support for missing 8 -and 16-bit RGB formatsLaurent Pinchart
2020-08-10kms++: Add support for the planar YUV formatsLaurent Pinchart
2020-08-10kms++: Add support for semiplanar YUV422 formats (NV16 and NV61)Laurent Pinchart
2020-08-10pykmsbase: Add missing pixel formatsLaurent Pinchart