utils: Add a dump_framebuffer() method
[renesas/kmsxx.git] / py / pykms /
2021-09-04 Laurent Pinchartutils: Add a dump_framebuffer() method master
2021-09-04 Laurent Pinchartcard: Add support for writeback connectors
2021-08-06 Tomi Valkeinenmeson: simplify pybind dependency handling
2021-07-26 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #63 from notro/gud
2021-07-19 Noralf Trønnespy: Property: Add type, enums, values, and __repr__
2021-07-19 Noralf Trønnespy: Card: Add .properties
2021-07-19 Noralf Trønnespy: Framebuffer: Add flush and __repr__
2021-01-14 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add fourcc_to_pixelformat
2020-12-16 Tomi ValkeinenRemove CMake support
2020-12-16 Tomi Valkeinenmeson: add option to use system pybind11 or subproject
2020-12-03 Tomi Valkeinencrtc: add legacy gamma set
2020-10-20 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add -fvisibility=hidden
2020-10-20 Tomi Valkeinenmeson: add 'util' option to disable kms++util and utils
2020-10-09 Tomi ValkeinenBulk format of all files
2020-10-09 Tomi Valkeinendmabuffb: add constructor which takes in string fourcc
2020-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenpy: move framebuffer functions to correct place
2020-10-02 Tomi ValkeinenSmall Property improvements
2020-09-14 Tomi ValkeinenAdd meson build
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for missing 8 -and 16-bit RGB formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for the planar YUV formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for semiplanar YUV422 formats (NV16...
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartpykmsbase: Add missing pixel formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartcard: Add a method to retrieve the device minor
2019-11-06 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #40 from tomba/work
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinenpykmsbase: upgrade Blob __init__ to fix deprecation...
2019-11-06 Tomi ValkeinenSplit dmabuf support from ExtFramebuffer into DmabufFra...
2019-10-02 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #37 from tomba/work
2019-09-25 Tomi Valkeinenvideomode to_string improvements
2019-01-17 Tomi ValkeinenRevert "py: add open_modesetting_card"
2019-01-14 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add open_modesetting_card
2019-01-14 Tomi ValkeinenCard: improve DRM card selection
2019-01-14 Tomi ValkeinenCard: add support to get the driver name
2019-01-09 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: expose Card(device) constructor
2018-11-01 Benoit Parrotvideodevice: Add selection API support
2018-09-24 Tomi Valkeinenpy: fix __atomic_req_add_plane when crtc = None
2018-09-17 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add AtomicReq extensions and use them in test.py
2018-08-03 Tomi Valkeinenadd a simple draw_circle()
2017-12-15 Kieran Binghampy: pyvid: Provide stream_off binding
2017-12-08 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add convert_vector helper
2017-12-08 Laurent Pinchartpy: Add Card crtcs and encoders properties back to...
2017-12-08 Laurent PinchartFix Python bindings for Connector::get_possible_crtcs...
2017-11-24 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: keep Card alive until Blob is gone
2017-11-24 Tomi ValkeinenUpdate to latest pybind11
2017-11-22 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: use resman
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenCrtc: add set_mode() which doesn't take a fb
2017-10-03 Tomi ValkeinenRework framebuffer classes
2017-09-05 Tomi Valkeinenpy: drop the fancy event handling
2017-06-02 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'color-features' of git://github.com/jsarh...
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd DrmPropObject.get_prop() and Property.enums to...
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd different YCbCr encodings.
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd Crtc::disable_mode() to pykmsbase.cpp.
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add flags for memory alloc
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add enum Flags for OmapFB
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenpy: move Rotation enum to __init__.py
2017-05-24 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add TILER support
2017-05-17 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: add videomode related features
2017-05-17 Tomi Valkeinenpykmsutil: add draw_text()
2017-04-27 Tomi Valkeinenpy: omapfb: add missing properties
2017-04-26 Peter UjfalusiAdd Connector.connected to pykmsbase
2017-03-21 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'universal-planes2' of git://github.com...
2017-03-20 Jyri Sarhapykms/pykmsutil.cpp: Add binding for reserve_generic_pl...
2017-03-17 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add DrmObject.idx
2017-03-16 Jyri SarhaAdd color format related methods and memebers to pykmsbase.
2017-03-16 Jyri SarhaAdd Videomode::to_blob method to pykmsbase.
2017-03-13 Tomi Valkeinenpy: fix AtomicReq.commit() return value
2017-03-08 Tomi ValkeinenNew event handling
2017-02-13 Laurent Pinchartpy: Expose AtomicReq::add(std::map<>) method
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add ExtFramebuffer
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add constructor with fourcc
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add DumbFb properties
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenuse reserve_connector from ResourceManager
2017-02-06 Alejandro HernandezSupport python2 based pykms binding
2017-01-25 Tomi ValkeinenAdd refresh() to connector, crtc and encoder
2017-01-24 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: add Videomode.__repr__
2017-01-03 Laurent Pinchartpy: Move helpers to the pykms module
2017-01-03 Laurent Pinchartpy: Reorganize source directory