utils: Add a dump_framebuffer() method
[renesas/kmsxx.git] / kms++ /
2021-09-04 Laurent Pinchartcard: Add support for writeback connectors
2021-07-26 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #63 from notro/gud
2021-07-19 Noralf Trønnesframebuffer: Support partial flushing
2021-03-26 Tomi ValkeinenAdd so version numbers to libraries
2020-12-16 Tomi ValkeinenRemove CMake support
2020-12-03 Tomi Valkeinencrtc: add legacy gamma set
2020-12-03 Tomi Valkeinenatomicreq: throw on non-existing property
2020-12-01 Tomi ValkeinenFix clang-tidy reported issues
2020-10-09 Tomi ValkeinenBulk format of all files
2020-10-09 Tomi Valkeinendmabuffb: add constructor which takes in string fourcc
2020-10-09 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #59 from virusxp/gcc10_compability
2020-10-08 Tobias Offadded #include <string> to card.h to follow gcc10 porti...
2020-10-02 Tomi ValkeinenSmall Property improvements
2020-09-29 Tomi ValkeinenFix Plane::get_possible_crtcs
2020-09-14 Tomi ValkeinenAdd meson build
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for missing 8 -and 16-bit RGB formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for the planar YUV formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartkms++: Add support for semiplanar YUV422 formats (NV16...
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartdumbfb: Fix pitch for tri-planar formats
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartdumbfb: Add support tri- or quadri-planar buffers
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartcard: Rename has_has_universal_planes to has_universal_...
2020-08-10 Laurent Pinchartcard: Add a method to retrieve the device minor
2020-05-28 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #56 from matthoosier-garmin/more...
2020-05-28 Matt Hoosiercard: add factory function for selecting card by name
2020-05-28 Matt Hoosiercard: add constructor for pre-opened FD
2020-05-17 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #54 from ilteroi/gcc10
2020-05-17 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #53 from matthoosier-garmin/resmgr...
2020-05-15 Peter Trompeterfix compiler errors with gcc 10
2020-05-15 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: allow enabling output without anything connected
2020-04-07 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #52 from hhb/master
2020-04-02 Haibo HuangInclude array
2020-03-04 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #51 from matthoosier-garmin/make...
2020-03-03 Matt HoosierSupply pkg-config files
2020-01-29 Tomi ValkeinenPixelFormats: cast to uin32_t
2020-01-19 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #47 from matthoosier-garmin/libfmt...
2020-01-16 Matt HoosierLink libfmt in header-only mode
2019-11-19 Matt HoosierSet a dummy version number on the shared libraries
2019-11-18 Matt HoosierAllow making extframebuffer and dmabufframebuffer with...
2019-11-18 Tomi Valkeinenfbs: use std::array and .at()
2019-11-18 Tomi Valkeinenfbs: check params and ensure drmModeAddFB2 is passed...
2019-11-06 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #40 from tomba/work
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinenkms++: modernize deprecated headers
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinenkms++: use 'override' all around
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinencard: remove useless consts
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinendumbfb: cleanup to avoid calls to virtual funcs via...
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinenfb: add begin_cpu_access & end_cpu_access
2019-11-06 Tomi ValkeinenSplit dmabuf support from ExtFramebuffer into DmabufFra...
2019-11-06 Tomi Valkeinenextframebuffer: add missing include
2019-10-02 Tomi Valkeinencard: move DRM version data to CardVersion
2019-10-02 Tomi ValkeinenMerge pull request #37 from tomba/work
2019-09-25 Tomi Valkeinenvideomode to_string improvements
2019-04-09 Tomi Valkeinenadd support for more pixel formats
2019-01-17 Tomi Valkeinencard: another try with card constructors
2019-01-17 Tomi Valkeinencard: add has_kms()
2019-01-17 Tomi Valkeinencard: use glob() to look for card files
2019-01-14 Tomi Valkeinencard: add open_modesetting_card()
2019-01-14 Tomi Valkeinencard: don't throw if no dumb buffers
2019-01-14 Tomi Valkeinencard: don't throw when no resources
2019-01-14 Tomi ValkeinenCard: improve DRM card selection
2019-01-14 Tomi ValkeinenCard: add support to get the driver name
2019-01-14 Tomi Valkeinencard: cleanup fd usage
2018-10-17 Tomi ValkeinenAdd AR12 & AR15 support
2018-09-28 Andrew F. DavisAdd include of <cerrno> to various files
2018-09-10 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: give an error if master permissions could...
2018-08-28 Tomi Valkeinenconnector: add connector_status()
2018-06-29 Tomi Valkeinendrmpropobject: add set_prop_value(Property* prop, uint6...
2018-04-02 Tomi ValkeinenAdd DPI encoder
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenCrtc: add set_mode() which doesn't take a fb
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenConnector: improve get_mode(string)
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenCard: add disable_all()
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenVideomode: add to_string()
2017-10-03 Tomi ValkeinenRework framebuffer classes
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinencard: fix compile warning
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenadd ExtFramebuffer::prime_fd
2017-06-02 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'color-features' of git://github.com/jsarh...
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add flags for memory alloc
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add enum Flags for OmapFB
2017-05-24 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add TILER support
2017-04-27 Tomi Valkeinenconnector: add DPI connector type
2017-04-21 Laurent PinchartReturn primary plane already associated with the CRTC...
2017-03-13 Tomi Valkeinenplane: add get_possible_crtcs()
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add constructor with fourcc
2017-02-10 Tomi ValkeinenExtFb: pass params in vectors
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenimprove ExtFb
2017-02-10 Tomi ValkeinenExtFb: remove legacy constructor
2017-02-10 Tomi ValkeinenPlaneType to bitmask
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenmappedframebuffer.h: add missing include
2017-01-25 Tomi ValkeinenAdd refresh() to connector, crtc and encoder
2016-12-20 Tomi Valkeinencrtc: add disable_mode()
2016-11-21 Tomi ValkeinenAdd OmapCard and OmapFramebuffer
2016-11-21 Tomi ValkeinenAdd MappedFramebuffer
2016-11-03 Tomi Valkeinendumbfb: pass O_RDWR to drmPrimeHandleToFD()
2016-10-11 Tomi Valkeinenmodedb_dmt: update table
2016-10-11 Tomi Valkeinenkms++: add videomode_from_cvt()
2016-10-11 Tomi ValkeinenAdd comment about ilace
2016-09-29 Tomi ValkeinenImprove mode finding
2016-09-27 Tomi ValkeinenCard: virtual destructor
2016-09-26 Tomi ValkeinenImprove struct Videomode
2016-09-01 Tomi ValkeinenFix error prints
2016-08-15 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/jsarha/kmsxx