2020-07-14 Laurent PinchartAdd license and copyright information master
2019-06-19 Laurent Add output_connectors() helper to skip...
2019-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Add an output routing test
2019-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Extend BRU/BRS allocation test to cover M3-N
2019-06-19 Laurent Pincharttests: Add a plane formats test
2019-06-18 Laurent Pincharttests: Add a legacy mode set test
2019-06-18 Laurent Capture the last kernel messages before...
2019-06-18 Laurent Fix CRTC disabling
2018-04-22 Laurent Pincharttests: crc: Add CRC computation test
2018-04-22 Laurent Add CRC reader class
2018-04-22 Laurent Pincharttests: brxalloc: Add BRU/BRS dynamic allocation test
2018-02-26 Laurent Add atomic_plane_disable() function to...
2017-12-15 Laurent Update to the latest kmsxx Python bindings
2017-11-26 Laurent Pincharttests: planeposition: Wait 3s after moving planes off...
2017-11-13 Laurent Pincharttests: planeposition: Accept off-screen planes
2017-09-21 Laurent PinchartMakefile: Fix installation scripts wildcard
2017-08-15 Laurent PinchartInitial import