2015-07-20 Thierry Redingtests: modetest: Accept connector names in addition... master
2015-07-16 Emil VelikovConsistently check the fd value
2015-07-16 Emil Velikovxf86drm: fix incorrect fd comparison in drmOpenOnce...
2015-07-16 Emil Velikovomap: zero is a valid fd number, treat it as such
2015-07-16 Emil Velikovfreedreno: zero is a valid fd number, treat it as such
2015-07-13 Alan Coopersmithinclude <sys/types.h> & <sys/mkdev.h> directly for...
2015-07-11 Julien CristauFix headers inclusion in xf86drmMode.c
2015-07-06 Anuj PhogatSet alignment value in drm_intel_add_validate_buffer()
2015-07-06 Anuj Phogati965/gen9: Pass alignment as function parameter in...
2015-06-30 Emil Velikovconfigure: default --enable-valgrind to auto
2015-06-29 Emil bump version to 2.4.62 for release
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: handle G2D_IMGBUF_COLOR in switch statements
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: remove connector_find_plane
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: simplify drm_set_crtc
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: remove struct fimg2d_test_case
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: remove unused define
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: clean struct connector
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobiexynos/fimg2d: simplify g2d_fini()
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobitests/exynos: replace return by break
2015-06-29 Tobias Jakobiexynos: fimg2d: fix return codes
2015-06-29 Matt Turnerconfigure: Add flag to disable valgrind support.
2015-06-29 Emil Velikovxf86drmMode: include config.h before anything else
2015-06-29 Emil Velikovxf86drmMode: remove unused valgrind(VG) macros
2015-06-29 Daniel StoneAdd blob property create/destroy ioctl wrappers
2015-06-29 Ville SyrjäläSupport atomic modesetting ioctl
2015-06-29 Emil VelikovRevert "Add device enumeration interface (v4)"
2015-06-21 Ilia Mirkinnouveau: add asserts to make sure krefs are there
2015-05-28 Boris BREZILLONtests/kmstest: support atmel-hlcdc
2015-05-28 Boris BREZILLONmodetest: add atmel-hlcdc driver support
2015-05-28 Tobias Jakobimodetest: only select plane with matching format
2015-05-28 Tobias Jakobimodetest: make middle SMPTE colors transparent
2015-05-28 Guillaume DesmottesdrmPrime*: initialize output args to 0
2015-05-28 Jammy ZhouFix one warning (v2)
2015-05-28 Emil Velikovxf86drm: simplify drmMalloc/drmFree
2015-05-28 Emil Velikovmodetest: replace malloc + memset with calloc
2015-05-28 Emil Velikovmodetest: explicitly zero the newly allocated memory
2015-05-26 frankAdd device enumeration interface (v4)
2015-05-26 Alex Deucherradeon: add new bonaire pci id
2015-05-21 Alexandre Courbotnouveau: add coherent BO attribute
2015-05-18 Damien Lespiauintel: Add the Broxton PCI IDs
2015-05-06 Ben bump version to 2.4.61 for release
2015-05-06 Ben Skeggsnouveau: restore check that avoids multiple user bos...
2015-05-05 Rob Clarkmodetest: fix allocation for yuv420/yvu420
2015-04-29 Emil Velikovfreedreno: link against CLOCK_LIB
2015-04-29 Emil Velikovandroid: set the HAVE_VISIBILITY define
2015-04-29 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: fix the arguments of the MAKE_RGB_INFO define
2015-04-29 Tvrtko Ursulinintel: Leak the userptr test bo
2015-04-28 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: destroy the cursor bo
2015-04-28 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: clear buffer and framebuffer for planes
2015-04-28 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: fix the error path handling
2015-04-28 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: make use of drmModeRmFB
2015-04-28 Joonyoung Shimmodetest: fix Segmentation fault
2015-04-28 Tobias Jakobimodetest: initialize handles/pitches in set_plane()
2015-04-28 Greg HackmannAdd missing <strings.h> includes
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovman: rework the
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovdrm: use c99 __func__ over __FUNCTION__
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovconfigure: request/set the compiler in C99 mode
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovdrm: remove drm_public macro
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovdrm: remove no longer needed VISIBILITY_CFLAGS
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovdrm: rename libdrm{,_macros}.h
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovtegra: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovomap: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovexynos: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovlibkms: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovlibkms: annotate private symbols
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovnouveau: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovnouveau: annotate the private symbols
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovintel: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovintel: annotate the private symbols
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovintel: remove unused mmFindBlock
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovintel: remove the drm_mm* symbol workarounds
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovfreedreno: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovfreedreno: annotate the private symbols
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovradeon: add symbols test
2015-04-28 Emil Velikovradeon: move bof.[ch] out of libdrm_radeon
2015-04-28 Emil split -fvisibility and __attribute__...
2015-04-15 Rob Clarkmodeprint: add missing encoder/connector type names
2015-04-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Delay testing for userptr until first use
2015-04-14 Chris Wilsonmode: Retrieve only the current information for a Connector
2015-04-09 Chih-Wei Huangandroid: remove unnecessary TARGET_OUT_HEADERS variable
2015-04-05 Daniel Kurtzxf86drmMode.h: inline -> __inline for use with gcc...
2015-04-05 Connor Behanxf86drm: Fix ioctl struct clearing in drmAgpEnable
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovdrm: use correct printf modifiers
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovdrm: replace HASH_DEBUG with DEBUG
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/random: return non-zero on test failure
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/random: extract test out of xf86drmRandom.c
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/hash: return non-zero on failure
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/hash: style fixes
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/hash: misc compilation fixes
2015-04-05 Emil Velikovtests/hash: extract test out of xf86drmHash.c
2015-04-04 Jan Veselytests/drmsl: Extract tests out of xf86drmSL.c
2015-04-04 Jan VeselydrmSL: Fix neighbor lookup
2015-03-26 Emil Velikovandroid: remove explicit include to libpciaccess
2015-03-20 Jan Veselytests/exynos: Fix missing static keyword
2015-03-20 Jan VeselyRemove drmSetDebugMsgFunction and related infrastructure
2015-03-20 Jan VeselyFix unused function warnings
2015-03-20 Daniel Kurtztests: add rockchip to modetest, kmstest, vbltest and...
2015-03-20 Daniel Kurtzproptest: install it with --enable-install-test-programs
2015-03-20 Emil Velikovautotools: remove ${srcdir} from the includes
2015-03-20 Chih-Wei Huangandroid: get rid of LIBDRM_TOP